The Salon Master Classic Model

Size:  755mm (High) X 540mm (Diam) / 2ft 6ins x 1ft 10ins

Will also supply dispensary, Staff room, Beauty & Toilet facilities if required.

The ever popular wall mountable Salon Master CLASSIC model has become a real favourite with owners of small salons, where space saving is important, but lots of hot water essential. It is also extremely popular with the salon owner who isn’t intending to do a high volume of colour rinsing.

Like all the models in our range, The CLASSIC model will also supply other basins such as staff room, kitchen and dispensary points and the CLASSIC can also be wall mounted.

So if you are planning to open a small salon or a refurbishment - The superb CLASSIC model is the one for you,

If you own a small salon but wish to provide a high content for colouring service, you may wish to consider our "PERFORMER" model with the "Superboost" facility, designed with the colourist in mind.

The Classic model comes supplied complete with Installation kit.

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